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12 Best Dog Travel Bags for Adventure with Your Beloved Pets

12 Best Dog Travel Bags for Adventure with Your Beloved Pets

Best Dog Travel Bags - Although it is feasible to pack all of your pet's supplies in a regular backpack, a dog travel bag offers specialized compartments and pockets designed specifically for items such as leashes, treats, and food. Additionally, many of these bags include folding or collapsible bowls. The bag designs vary from tote bags to backpacks, and the best option largely depends on the amount of items you need to carry, whether the bag needs to be stored while traveling, and if collapsible bowls are necessary.

What to Look for in a Good Travel Pet Supply Bag

Before buying a bag for a pet travel with your dog, it is important to consider the following:

1. Size

Pet supply bags are available in various sizes. It is advisable to have a bit of extra space in your bag, but you should avoid it being unnecessarily large, especially if you plan to pet travel by air. If you require a bag for an overnight trip with your dog, a doggie overnight bag would suffice.

However, if you frequently embark on week-long journeys, you will likely need a considerably larger bag. When selecting your bag, take into account the number and size of dogs you need to pack supplies for, as well as the duration of your time away from home.

Similar to babies, dogs require numerous items when traveling. Take into consideration whether you need to bring these essential items: food, a portable dog water bottle, treats, a leash/collar/harness, dog bowls for food and water, waste bags, a muzzle, toys, bones, a dog bed, a blanket, a first aid kit, a seat belt, and records/information.

2. Storage

Storage is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a bag. You want the bag to have sufficient space to accommodate all your belongings. While there are bags available without compartments, having compartments can greatly assist in keeping you organized. It is generally recommended to opt for a bag with a minimum of three different sections.

Additionally, consider the types of enclosures available for the compartments, such as zippers, mesh, Velcro, or elastic closures, as they help ensure the items are securely stored. When you are not traveling, ensure that the bag can be folded down and stored away without occupying excessive space.

3. Design

This is a matter of personal preference, but the design can be quite significant depending on your travel style. While most dog travel bags are carried by handles, others offer greater versatility in terms of carrying options.

Certain bags provide you with the flexibility to carry them as a duffel bag, wear them as a backpack, or use them as a crossbody bag. Consider the circumstances in which you will need to hold the bag and for how long, as this can influence your decision. If you only need to carry it to and from the car, a handle would likely suffice.

If you expect to hold a bag for a long time or walk with it often, it may be more suitable to choose a backpack or sling bag. Also, if you travel frequently by air, it is advantageous to verify that the bag includes a back sleeve to attach it to your rolling baggage.

4. Toys

Every beloved puppy has their beloved bones or toys, but these may not be suitable for travel. If you prefer not to take your dog's favourite toys with you when travelling, certain bags offer built-in toys to help them stay entertained during the trip. This feature can be especially helpful when flying with a dog or traveling by train.

5. Food Accessories

This is one aspect that sets these bags apart from regular duffel bags. Many dog food travel bags also include food and water bowls. These bowls are lightweight and typically collapsible, making them convenient for travel as they are easier to store while on the go. Additionally, these bags often come with food bags to ensure the safe and fresh storage of pet food during travel.

6. Blanket

Just like toys, you might prefer not to bring your dog's favorite blanket along on your journey. Additionally, you may hesitate to expose your personal travel blanket to your dog's paws. Having an included blanket in the bag can serve multiple purposes, such as covering the ground, providing a cover for your pet, or enhancing their comfort in their doggy bed. While it may not appear significant at first, having this included blanket will undoubtedly be appreciated during your travels.

7. Machine Washability

After a trip, one of the initial tasks for many people is to toss all their clothes into the washing machine. Similarly, anything in close proximity to dogs is highly prone to getting dirty. Having a machine washable dog travel bag will make the cleaning process much easier during or after a trip. If you happen to be fond of a bag that is not machine washable, ensure that it can be easily cleaned by wiping it down.

8. Water Resistance

There are bags available that offer water resistance, while others are entirely waterproof. While this may not be crucial for some individuals, if there is a possibility of the bag getting wet, opting for a waterproof bag is likely the best choice. It ensures that everything inside the bag remains protected in case of rain or accidental immersion in a swimming pool.

Best Dog Travel Bags 2023

Here, we have provided reviews of some of the best and top-rated dog travel bags that you can buy to enhance the comfort and ease of your next trip with your furry friend.

1. PetAmi Dog Travel Bag

PetAmi Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

Although backpacks typically provide greater comfort and convenience while carrying them, they may not offer as much space, compartmentalization, or stability compared to handled tote organizers like the PetAmi Dog Travel Bag.

The PetAmi Dog Travel Bag offers a wide range of colors and designs, featuring two main compartments. One compartment is specifically designed to accommodate the two included food containers, while the other compartment of similar size is suitable for storing larger items like blankets and coats. 

Multiple pockets are available for organizing leashes, toys, and various accessories. Along with the food containers, the bag also provides two collapsible bowls. With a total capacity of 22 liters (6 gallons), the bag offers sufficient space to hold food for a few days. However, if you plan on being away for a week or longer, you might require a larger bag.

The affordability, adequate size, and smartly compartmentalized design of this bag make it the top choice among available dog travel bag. However, cleaning the cloth food containers can be challenging, and there is a tendency for the mesh pockets to leak their contents when the top is opened.

Price at time of publish: $37.99


  • Compartmental design keeps everything in place.
  • Includes two food storage containers and two bowls.
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments.


  • Food containers are tricky to clean
  • Top pockets could do with being zippered

2. Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag

Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

The Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag shares a similar design to the PetAmi mentioned earlier, albeit with a slightly smaller capacity of approximately 16 liters (4 gallons) compared to the PetAmi's 22 liters. However, the Bundaloo bag is competitively priced and is one of the more affordable options on this list. Despite its smaller size, it still offers several commendable features.

The primary compartment of the Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag accommodates the provided food storage containers and can be utilized for storing coats, blankets, and leashes. Additionally, there are multiple pockets available, and the top pocket of the Bundaloo bag is equipped with a zipper to ensure that everything remains securely in place. Furthermore, this bag includes two collapsible containers for added convenience.

Due to its compact size, the Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag is most suitable for small breed dogs and is ideal for day trips or, at most, a weekend getaway. If you plan to travel for a longer duration, you will need to carry additional food in separate containers or utilize Ziplock bags. However, considering its affordable price and well-organized design, the Bundaloo remains an excellent choice for a cost-effective dog travel bag.

Price at time of publish: $22.49


  • Very competitively priced.
  • Plenty of pockets, including a zippered pocket at the top.
  • Includes two storage containers and two collapsible bowls.


  • Very small.

3. Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe

Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe
Image source:

Backpacks are a more convenient option for carrying things, especially when going on hiking or camping trips or when you have multiple bags to carry. The weight of the load is distributed across the backpack, leaving your hands free to hold other bags or to manage your dog's leash.

Although backpacks are generally smaller than handbags, the Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe is an exception with its 24-liter capacity. It can carry more than the PetAmi and the Bundaloo bags mentioned earlier. Additionally, it comes with two food carriers, two collapsible bowls, and a placemat. It is made from heavy-duty polyester to prevent damage and ensure a longer lifespan.

Although the Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe is spacious with a single large pocket, it may not be the best option for those who prefer bags with multiple compartments. Additionally, the design may not be appealing to everyone, and the bag is relatively expensive.

Price at time of publish: $69.99


  • The backpack is easy to carry.
  • Includes two food containers and two collapsible bowls.
  • Hardwearing design.


  • Expensive.
  • Only one pocket.

4. ARCA PET Travel Bag

ARCA PET Travel Bag
Image source:

When traveling with a puppy, you may not require as much storage space as you would for an adult dog. However, you still need ample space to carry food and bowls while keeping your hands free to hold or carry the puppy.

If you're looking for a convenient and comfortable way to carry your puppy's provisions while traveling, a backpack design is the best option. The ARCA PET travel bag, with a capacity of 18 liters, provides enough space for all your puppy's essentials.

In addition to the main compartment, the bag features side pockets, a double pocket on the back, and a front pocket with a poop bag or wipe dispenser. It also comes with a food storage container and two collapsible bowls.

While the pockets on the ARCA PET travel bag are handy, their abundance can limit the space in the main compartment. Additionally, when the main bag is packed, there could be issues with the stitching of the seams bursting. However, for small dogs or puppies with minimal carrying needs, this bag is of good quality and provides convenient carrying options.

Price at time of publish: $49.99


  • Plenty of pockets for organization.
  • Includes a poop bag dispenser pocket.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Main compartment feels small.
  • Seam stitching can burst if the bag is overfilled.

5. Higher Level Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag

Higher Level Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

If you plan to take your dog on a plane, it's important to have provisions for the journey readily available, such as food and water. Therefore, an airline travel bag should be spacious enough to hold all necessary items, yet not so large or bulky that it cannot be allowed as hand luggage.

The Higher Level Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag has dimensions of 16 x 14 inches, making it suitable for fitting under airline seats and meeting the requirements of all airlines. It comes with two waterproof food containers and two collapsible food bowls. The bag also features a spacious front pocket, side pockets, and a poop bag dispenser, which can be quite handy when taking your dog for a restroom break outside the airport.

In addition, the bag can be conveniently placed over extended baggage handles, allowing it to be stacked on a trolley or carried while walking. While it may be slightly pricier than some of its alternatives, it is a well-sized bag that is ideal for air travel. Although it can be worn as a backpack, it may not be the most comfortable option.


  • Airline-approved bag fits under plane seats.
  • Include two food containers and two collapsible bowls.
  • Can be stacked and carried with other luggage.


  • Not comfortable as a backpack.

6. Lekesky Dog Travel Bag

Lekesky Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

The Lekesky Dog Travel Bag, with a capacity of 25 liters (6 gallons), is designed to be compliant with airline regulations. It can fit under airline seats and can be attached to luggage handles. The bag features numerous pockets and side pockets, as well as a poop bag dispenser. It also includes two food containers and two collapsible bowls. The bag can be worn as a backpack and is comfortable to do so due to its dimensions. Additionally, it comes with a placemat that can be rolled or folded and stored inside the bag when not in use.

Choosing the gray design will result in a lower cost compared to the purple bag. The bag is sturdy and does not have collapsible sides, allowing for easy storage and movement. However, a softer bag may be more comfortable to wear on the back.

Price at time of publish: $32.99


  • Airline compatible.
  • Decent price for the gray backpack.
  • Includes food storage containers and collapsible bowls.


  • Sturdy design not the most comfortable for carrying on the back.

7. Tidify Dog Travel Bag

Tidify Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

When it comes to dog travel bags, they should be designed to be portable and easy to carry, while also providing enough space to carry all the necessary items. The size of the bag required will depend on the number of accessories and items your dog needs, as well as its food requirements and the duration of your trip.

The Tidify Dog Travel Bag is spacious, boasting a 33-liter (8.5-gallon) capacity, and boasts ample pockets for organizing the items you bring along. However, it can be quite bulky. The bag comes with two food containers, two collapsible bowls, and a generous front pocket that folds out to serve as a feeding mat. Given its features and size, it is also affordably priced.

The bag comes with a first-aid pouch, but it does not contain any actual first-aid items. Instead, it is simply a pouch with the label "first-aid" and a checklist of recommended items to pack.

Price at time of publish: $33.90


  • Large capacity.
  • Includes two food containers and two collapsible bowls.
  • Good price for the size.


  • First-aid pouch doesn’t include any first-aid items.
  • May be too large for some.

8. Unique Dog Travel Bag

Unique Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

The Unique Dog Travel Bag is a bit of a high-end option and is priced slightly higher than many of its counterparts. However, it offers some premium features, such as two stainless steel bowls instead of silicone folding ones. Additionally, it includes an elevated dog bowl stand that can be found in the front pocket, as well as a first-aid pouch and two food storage containers.

While stainless steel bowls are of superior quality compared to silicone folding bowls, they tend to be smaller in size, and your dog may require multiple bowls. As they are not collapsible and made of metal, they also occupy more space. The elevated feeder is a distinctive feature, but it may not be ideal for dogs that are aggressive eaters as they may topple the bowl and create a mess.

The product is a commendable concept and offers some impressive features. However, it might be more practical to substitute the metal bowls with collapsible ones and ensure that the bag is full when utilizing the elevated feeder.

Price at time of publish: $44.99 


  • Stainless steel bowls are sturdier than collapsible silicone ones.
  • Elevated feeder is good for some dogs.


  • Bowls take up more room.
  • Bag can fall over when your dog is eating from the elevated bowls.

9. Modoker Dog Travel Bag

Modoker Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

The Modoker Dog Travel Bag boasts a capacity of almost 30 liters (8 gallons) and features various pockets, including a bag dispenser. Additionally, it comes with an internal Velcro divider, two food storage containers, and two collapsible bowls. While the travel bag may be a bit pricey for its size, it does include all the necessary accessories.

Despite the bag's durability and apparent sturdy construction, the Velcro divider has a tendency to shift around and the magnetic pocket seal is prone to popping open, particularly when the bag is filled to capacity.

Price at time of publish: $42.99


  • Includes a poop bag dispenser pocket.
  • Includes food containers and collapsible bowls.


  • Magnetic pocket catches are prone to popping open.
  • Velcro divider is prone to coming loose.

10. The Original Doggy Bag Backpack By Rubyloo

The Original Doggy Bag Backpack By Rubyloo
Image source:

If you like to bring your dog along on day trips or hikes, it's important to have a backpack that is lightweight and easy to carry. While it may not require the extensive capacity of larger travel bags, the portability and convenience of a smaller backpack can still be beneficial for carrying food, treats, and other essentials.

The Rubyroo Original Doggy Bag Backpack has a capacity of only 18 liters (4.5 gallons), which means it may not be ideal for longer trips. However, the backpack does come with a single food bag that can hold enough for one or two meals, as well as two collapsible bowls that can be used for water and food. Additionally, there's a treat bag and a poop bag dispenser located at the bottom of the backpack, making it convenient to use and take along on your adventures.

The backpack is comfortable and convenient for day trips, but it may be considered slightly expensive for its size. If you're planning on anything longer than a day out, you'll likely want to invest in a larger backpack.

Price at time of publish: $42.95


  • Easily accessible poop bag dispenser.
  • Includes a treat bag.


  • Small capacity only suitable for a day out.
  • Expensive for its size.
  • divider-paw.

11. Wakytu Dog Travel Bag

Wakytu Dog Travel Bag
Image source:

Having a useful dog travel bag doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. The main purpose of a dog travel bag is to provide a secure space for carrying your pet's essential items. If you're not interested in all the extra features and don't mind a simple design, this option could be just what you need at a fantastic price.

The product includes bowls and containers that are stored within a durable exterior, providing protection from even the most extreme environments. The bag can be carried in various ways and is generally compliant with airline carry-on size restrictions. However, the design is not the most ergonomic and it may be cumbersome if space is limited during travel.

According to some reviewers, this product may become stained and dirty after prolonged use, therefore it's recommended to clean it regularly. Nevertheless, if you only require the essentials, this model performs well and is one of the most affordable options currently on the market.

Price at time of publish: $25.99


  • Innovative features.
  • Durable construction.
  • Low price.


  • Can attract dirt.
  • Bulky design.

12. Baglher Dog Travel Backpack

Baglher Dog Travel Backpack
Image source:

If you own a small or medium-sized dog, you may not require as much space as some of the other bags listed. In such a scenario, a backpack design that is convenient and highly portable like this one may be suitable for your needs.

Pack all the necessary food and items for your pup and effortlessly begin your trip by slinging the bag over your shoulder. Despite its compact size, this backpack offers ample usable space inside. However, it is notably smaller than the biggest dog travel bags available in the market, so make sure that everything your dog requires can fit inside.

The product comes with food containers and bowls, but larger breeds may find them a bit small. Nevertheless, those who are seeking an affordable and convenient way to carry their dog's accessories in comfort should definitely consider this product.

Price at time of publish: $33.99


  • Easy to carry.
  • Compact design.
  • Great value.


  • Limited storage.
  • Small bowls.

Choosing the Best Dog Travel Bags

Choosing the Best Dog Travel Bags

A dog travel bag is essentially a tote bag or backpack designed with multiple pockets and, in some cases, an internal wall or compartment to improve organization. Additionally, these bags often come with collapsible bowls and containers for storing dog food. Some bags even have convenient features such as poop bag dispensers or elevated feeding platforms. While many of these bags may look alike, it's important to consider specific features that best suit your needs and those of your furry companion.

1. Bag Type

There are various types of bags for carrying dogs and general items, but the two most popular and advantageous ones are the tote organizer and the backpack. These bags provide ample storage space while also being convenient to carry around.

  • Tote Organizer: The tote organizer is typically square or rectangular in shape and features a spacious main compartment for storing most of the items and provisions. The bag is designed to be carried by hand using two handles, although some models come with a shoulder strap and even backpack-style straps. These bags generally offer the highest storage capacity and are particularly useful for fitting in the trunk or sliding under the seat of an airplane.
  • Backpack: Backpacks are a convenient option as they can be carried over one shoulder or both, distributing the weight and making them easier to transport. However, while they offer comfort and convenience, they often lack in capacity and organization. They are most suitable for day trips or situations where you need your hands free, such as carrying a puppy or holding a dog leash. Backpacks are portable and convenient.

2. Dimensions & Capacity

Regardless of the style of bag you choose, it is important to take into account its dimensions and capacity to ensure it can accommodate all your needs. At the very least, a dog travel bag should be able to carry food, leashes, and a couple of toys. Depending on your activities and the length of your trip, it may also need to hold a dog coat, blanket, water bottle, and food bowls. A good size for a weekend trip or a few days for a smaller dog breed would be up to 30 liters (8 gallons). If you require more space, you may need to consider alternative arrangements or an additional storage bag for extra food and supplies.

3. Bowls

Most dog travel bags come with collapsible bowls made of silicone that can be compressed into a frisbee shape, taking up minimal space in the bag. However, these bowls may not be very durable and can be quite small. Some bags may include stainless steel bowls, which are stronger but cannot be folded down, taking up more space in the bag. These bowls also need to be small enough to fit in the bag, so they may not hold a lot of food.

4. Food Storage Containers

In addition to food bowls, a number of bags also come with food storage containers that allow you to store dry food. These containers are typically waterproof and eliminate the need for plastic bags or other storage methods. Several of the bags listed above come with two containers, allowing you to fill one for a short trip and use the remaining space for additional storage, or fill both if you are going away for a few days.

5. Poop Bag Dispenser

Although food bowls and containers are commonly found in dog travel bags, one feature that is not as common is a poop bag dispenser. This feature replaces a small pocket and allows you to store a roll of poop bags inside the dispenser. You can then easily pull out a single bag as needed, without having to open the bag and search for the roll every time.

6. Pockets

Although most dog travel bags feature large central compartments for storing various items, they typically also include at least one external pocket. These pockets are convenient for keeping items that require quick access, such as a leash or treats. Additionally, you can even store your car keys in one of the pockets, as long as it has a secure zipper or fastening.


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to dog travel bags:

What size dog carrier can take on a plane?

The size of the dog carrier that can be taken on a plane depends on the airline's policies and restrictions. Generally, most airlines require that the carrier fit under the seat in front of you and have dimensions of no more than 18 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 8 inches tall. However, the maximum dimensions for the carrier and the weight limit for the dog also vary by airline. It's important to check with the airline directly for their specific policies and requirements for traveling with a dog in a carrier on their flights.

Do airlines actually measure pet carriers?

Airlines may measure pet carriers to ensure that they comply with their size restrictions. However, some airlines may only visually inspect the carrier to ensure that it appears to be an appropriate size. It's important to check with the specific airline you will be traveling with to determine their policies and requirements for pet carriers. It's also a good idea to measure your pet carrier before you travel to ensure that it meets the airline's requirements.

Are dog travel bag safe for dogs?

Dog travel bags can be safe for dogs if they are used properly and if the dog is comfortable in the bag. It's important to choose a travel bag that is appropriate for your dog's size and weight, and to ensure that the bag is well-ventilated and has enough space for your dog to move around comfortably. It's also important to consider the length of time your dog will be in the bag, as well as the mode of transportation you will be using. Some airlines may have restrictions on the size and type of bag that can be used for in-cabin travel, so it's important to check with the airline before you travel. Overall, if you choose a high-quality travel bag and use it properly, it can be a safe and convenient way to travel with your dog.

How do get my dog in a travel bag?

Getting your dog into a travel bag can take some patience and practice, but with the right approach, it can be a stress-free experience for both you and your dog. Here are some steps you can follow to help your dog get comfortable with the travel bag and make the process easier:

  1. Introduce your dog to the bag: Start by placing the travel bag in an area where your dog can see it and sniff it. Allow your dog to approach the bag and investigate it on their own terms. You can also place treats or toys inside the bag to encourage your dog to explore it.
  2. Encourage your dog to enter the bag: Once your dog is comfortable with the bag, encourage them to enter it by placing treats or toys inside. You can also use a command, such as "in" or "go," to help your dog understand what you want them to do.
  3. Reward your dog for entering the bag: When your dog enters the bag, praise them and give them a treat. This will help your dog associate the bag with positive experiences.
  4. Practice closing the bag: Once your dog is comfortable entering the bag, practice closing it for short periods of time. Start with just a few seconds and gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends in the bag.
  5. Take short trips: Once your dog is comfortable with the bag, take them on short trips in it, such as a car ride or a walk around the block. This will help your dog get used to the sensation of being in the bag while in motion.

Remember to be patient and positive throughout the process, and always make sure your dog is comfortable and safe in the travel bag.

Do dogs like being carried in bags?

Every dog is different, and some dogs may enjoy being carried in bags or backpacks while others may not. Some dogs may feel more secure and comfortable being close to their owners in a carrier, while others may feel anxious or uncomfortable. It's important to observe your dog's behavior and body language to determine whether they enjoy being carried in a bag or not. Additionally, it's important to choose a carrier that is appropriate for your dog's size and weight, and to ensure that the carrier is well-ventilated and has enough space for your dog to move around comfortably.

Do dogs ride with luggage?

No, dogs should not ride with luggage. It is not safe or comfortable for them to do so. When traveling with a dog, they should be transported in a carrier that is appropriate for their size and weight, and that meets the airline's or transportation company's regulations. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the carrier is well-ventilated and has enough space for your dog to move around comfortably. Dogs should never be transported in luggage compartments or checked baggage areas, as this can be dangerous and stressful for them.

Do you need a dog travel bag?

Essentially, a dog travel bag is a regular bag that comes with compartments and extra storage options, along with the usual travel bowls. If you already own a good dog carrier backpack or another bag that has enough space, there's no real need to purchase a separate, specialized dog travel bag.. However, similar to how many new parents have a dedicated diaper bag, having a go-to bag for your dog that's always ready for travel or outings with you is a smart move.


It's quite surprising how many dog travel bags are currently available on the market. These bags come in various designs, such as tote and backpack styles, and offer a wide range of dimensions and volumes. Some of these bags even come with travel bowls, and a few even have permanent stainless-steel bowls built-in.

In the section above, we have provided reviews of the top 10 dog travel bags. After thorough research, we have determined that the Petami Dog Travel Bag offers the best balance of capacity and portability at a reasonable price. However, for those looking for a great value, the Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag may be a better option, although it may only be suitable for dogs with small appetites as it is a relatively small bag.

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