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About Dragons and Baloons!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2016 in Clash of Clans | Comments Off on About Dragons and Baloons!

Joined together Dragoon and Ballons make unstopable armed force in Clash of Clans! In this article we will give you fast references about clash of clans cheats 2016 and this units, with the goal that you might find out about their most critical abbilities in the game.

Dragons in the game

The dragons releases fire that hits the objectives and does likewise some splash damage.This mythical beast is the most perilous flying unit that can assault air and ground targets. The dragon has no favored target so, it essentially assaults the closest target.

Appearance of the dragon – This is just recognizable to little ground troops like the Barbarians. Most ground troops can’t assault them. With splash damageit can take out troops quickly. The oponent will need many archers or wizards to stop your Dragoon.

Dragons are solid troops, it is hard to protect against them.Air Defense is quite often expected to obliterate them. Make certain to put your air defense after the essential defense, generally your oponent can take them out effectively. Dragons are for the most part utilized as a part of clan wars and for trophy chasing, but they cost a great deal of elixir.You can likewise utilize minions to take out the air defense. Baloons follow safeguarding structures and the Dragons go about as meat shield to secure them. This system is viable however exceptionally costly.The most utilized procedure is to take out the air defense first. since they do high harm against dragons. Many people use Giants to take out the air defense and afterward send their Dragons.

Ballons in the game

The Baloons is brought down effectively via air defense so try to take them out before conveying them. The Baloons targets guarded structures first. At the point when Baloons is decimated, it blasts and gives some extra damage.Balloons are moderate moving air targets that drops bombs on structures. They are “advanced” wall breakers that assault from a hot air Baloons. They don’t pass on after assault such as the wallbreakers.

To shield against Baloonsit is important to spread out your air protections. It takes a great number of archers to take Baloonss. Baloons are a decent safeguard unit. In the event that the aggressors utilizes just ground assaulting troops they can take every one of them out. Because of its splash damage they are best in defense. In multiplayer the time is limited, so take out the air defense first and afterward attack with balloons.They are exceptionally profitable in the single player campaign. Just take out the air defense and convey a solitary Baloons. The Baloons will then takes out each building since you have all the time in the single player missions.

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How to defend against mobs in Minecraft?

Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Minecraft | Comments Off on How to defend against mobs in Minecraft?

Protecting your home from Minecraft mobs like Creepers, Zombie, Spiders is essential whether you want to survive, and keep items safe or you just want to survive other day in Minecraft. The two basic principles to defend home against crowd is safe distance rule and active attack rule – when the mobs really come close to the house.

The first method is minecraft premium gratuit – building an attacking device – arrow attack device is used to fire arrows at mobs of several blocks. Materials include distributor redstone torch, switch, arrows , redstone and redstone repeater. Dispenser will activate block, but make sure dispenser is used as part of redstone to distribute items in O shape, while elements drops in Ѵ shape.

Distributor must be activated by the redstone to shoot the arrow to attacking monsters. To create a device, you must connect the distributor and place a Redstone Torch nearby, so that once the Redstone circuit is activated, the distributor may accept a power. Then add arrows in the dispenser. If the distributor is placed 2 blocks above ground, then attack range is 1-5 blocks in front of the distributor. To make the best use of the arrow device, I recommend you should make glass wall in 4 directions to see what is happening outside of the house, allowing you to notice when mobs come to activate the machine.

The second good and effective in defense against mobs is a trap to attract and kill monsters together. Dig a hole along behind the entrance of your home. This hole may be 4 blocks long, 2 blocks width and depth of 5 blocks. Define a base and move to the next step. The base can be made from any type of blocks, simply make the base 1 blocks high. Place 8 sticky pistons on the base and arrange 4 Redstone repeater behind pistons and build a Redstone circuit. Cover the base. Place a few blocks on top of the piston, so that the mobs cannot understand that it is a backup of the house trap.When mobs step on the trap and fall into the hole, turn the switch to release lava. The mobs will burn to death. Then cut the switch to restore original trap. The lava will be contained back. Those were some excellent ways how you can protect yourself in Minecraft during night,

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Grand Warden Clash of Clans Guide

Posted by on Dec 26, 2015 in Clash of Clans | Comments Off on Grand Warden Clash of Clans Guide

Supercell revealed new Hero, the Grand Warden! Grand Warden costs 6,000,000 Elixir Elixir. It also has Elixir cost to upgrade, an increase of 500,000 elixir per level,so you will need clash of clans hack to get enough resources. Grand Warden has two capacities, one is its passive capacity Life Aura (which is a buffer radius of 10 tiles that reduces damage and the other is its ability Eternal Tome (you get to activate by typing its icon).

Grand Warden can be set for ground or air modes. If you set Grand Warden to ground mode, it will still will be able to slip or jump on the walls, much like Hog ​​Rider. Although it sounds cool to use it in flight mode, it is actually a bad idea, because then it will be targeted by air traps and air defense. It has 110DPS at level 20, which is below a level 4 Wizard. It has 1500 HP at level 20, which is below a level of 40 Archer Queen (1630 HP)!

At level 20, his ability lasts 5 seconds and is 3,5s with the level of capacity 1. We know that Archer Queen becomes impervious to all damage when it activates its capacity. And now, if you have it within range of the Aura, and that just increases its invulnerability to more damage. Grand Warden has a range of 7 tiles. One of the greatest attributes of the Warden is his attack range, which is a range of 7 amazing tile. The best way to stop the attack by the strongest player TH11 is to stop the Grand Warden because it will make your defenses treat 2 / 3rd of their actual injury. But how you can stop the Grand Warden when it has a range of 7 tiles, allowing him to stay behind all the troops? According maximum HP company, Aura Effect Life Grand Warden will increase the HP all troops within the range of the aura, but with a limit. Tapping the icon, you can activate Eternal Tome. While the ability is activated, all the troops within the radius of 10 tiles of the Aura will be invulnerable to all damages including the Grand Warden himself. Grand Warden is considered as being a support hero, a hero who supports your troops both in terms of defense and also helps by targeting the same structure as they are. Grand Warden is certainly great add on to Clash of Clans that will improve tactical aspect of the game.



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FIFA 16 – Tactical Defending and defend tips

Posted by on Dec 12, 2015 in Fifa 16 | Comments Off on FIFA 16 – Tactical Defending and defend tips

For some years now the defensive in FIFA is dominated by Tactical Defending. Especially online, this way of defending is very popular because it is less predictable than the traditional method. If you want to compete on a global level, it is logical that you should use free fifa 16 coins android and learn Tactical Defending in FIFA 16.

Here is a trick how you can do it. By pressing the X or A button, position your selected defender between the attacker and the target and continue to follow him as long as you hold the button. From here you have a few options: a standard challenge (square or X) or a sliding challenge (circle or B). Especially the standard tackle is useful. If your timing is good, this is a very powerful defensive weapon. In any case, you should never act hastily. Be very careful and keep the situation under review. A wrong tackle because it can ensure that your defense is open and your opponent suddenly gets a lot of space. Space and time that can easily convert into a goal. Timing is crucial. Tackle too early and your opponent can you dodge. Start your action too late and you do not hit the ball but the player with a yellow or red card as a result. Practice enough and after a while you get a good sense, has always luck continues, of course, play a minor role. By holding the X or A button, you will also take the sprint. Pressing the circle or B, pull on his shirt. This slows your opponent considerably, but pulling the sweater is often punished.

Focus all your attention on the player with the ball. Also note opponents that are moving through your lines and try not to drop open spaces. Always look well what could possibly fit the attacker and keep this direction as long as possible. When your defender is faster than the attacker, it is much easier lot easier. Make good use of the two triggers in order to speed up at the appropriate times, or the rate to extract all the way out. Dominate the pace of the attack and strike the right moment. Whatever you do, do not be tempted to collapse like a wild man on the ball. This makes it very easy for the attacker to evade you. Concentrate and wait patiently until your opponent makes the mistake. timing and reaction, which are the key elements of successful Tactical Defending.

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Rainbow Six Siege: new parties

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Ps4 | Comments Off on Rainbow Six Siege: new parties

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will make the difference with free psn codes, in the competitive online FPS market with a rather novel approach to tactical combat. Taking up the ingredients that made the success of Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege oppose two factions: a group of terrorists and anti-terrorists elite unit which will have the objective to defuse a bomb or releasing a hostage.

Out of these general considerations, Rainbow Six Siege features a still unpublished approach in the tactical shooter: the seat. Specifically, the terrorist team will start the game in an enclosed space (a plane, a house, a bank, a chalet, etc.) while CT (Counter-Terrorist) will be outside and will take the assault hideout, just like in the military siege of a city, but on a reduced scale. The game then proceeds in two sequences. The first Preparatory will allow terrorists to barricade themselves in order to take the brunt of the assault. To do this, they have wooden planks to seal any opening, or a pair of steel curtains to strengthen the walls. In addition to the construction of devices, each character will have traps to compliment the onslaught of forces. Proximity mines, barbed wires, wave interference and boobytraps are on the program, just to slow the progression of the constabulary. But mistrust, it is not inactive during the preparation phase. The cops have indeed small drones that enable them to lead a reconnaissance of the area, to see what the terrorists are preparing.

However, your robot is fragile and succumb to the first shot directed against him, so the best policy is to vigilant and avoid detection. Beyond detecting traps, land drones are also very practical approach to determine and verify what some walls are made. The plasterboard and wood are destroyed easily, a concrete structural wall will be impassable for its part, while the floors and ceilings can also destroy themselves for you to new approaches. Strategic thinking is necessary in the game, not just fast reflexes. Besides that, you can expect new operators and new DLC maps, just to contribute to Ubisoft Montreal finances. In the game with friends, Rainbow Six Siege gameplay is very fun to play, even if it is imperative to be very talkative to the microphone to a good group cohesion. Without being revolutionary, Rainbow Six Siege truly looks set to offer a credible alternative for players looking for a very fast tactical FPS.

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FIFA 16 Penalty Tutorial

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015 in Fifa 16 | Comments Off on FIFA 16 Penalty Tutorial

Now we all tend to get a penalty in FIFA 16 and it is in your best interest to turn them into goals each and every time you get such chance. This is a tutorial on best practices like fifa 16 coin generator 2015, to put away your distresses and teach you the most effective strategies. You surely noticed that how often the referees are kicking in FIFA 16, so it’s important to be very careful One point that is possible to know is the center of the goal, which is by far the best place to aim for.
It will be targeted just under the crossbar, but as to how long the left-stick moves until, literally, is less than a second. As for the power indicator, you should also be very careful and look to put in about 2 and half to 3 bars of power.

That, however is a need, therefore power is what wins goalkeepers much more then position of the pointer over the green in the first place. Yellow and red are certainly not simply not good enough. Goalkeepers tend to keep the goal safe if you pick one place to the left or right, so that’s why it’s best to go for this type of penalty. The great thing about the top center penalty is that even if the goalkeeper in the middle of the goal which is still in the back of the net, can not reach it.

The only way to save these penal are if goalie OP remains in the environment and sustains the right-stick, but this is very rare that you will see that is almost never happening in the game. So, the important issue is also to choose a right player for shooting. Naturally, you should use a player with high shooting skill. One of the best methods is to use right handed player if you are about to aim to right corner, and left handed player if you are about to aim for left corner. It can be a little tricky at the beginning, but the patience is the key for success, with little practice, you will be able to increase your chances to score a goal.

That’s all for how about those tips, you can stay up to date by following us on social networking a and if you have any questions about this tutorial, please leave a comment and we’ll do everything possible to answer your question.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for PlayStation 4

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Ps4 | Comments Off on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for PlayStation 4

The charming Starbreeze game adapts to the current generation. It is excellent game, but with few shortcomings. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons available via psn code generator, was a pleasant surprise of 2013 by Starbreeze, a study we knew to spare in the genre of first-person shooter by excellent titles, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness and Syndicate among others. EA study had to redirect their efforts to downloadable smaller scale project that eventually became one of the best games.

The adventure of two brothers begins with scenes of the death of a mother. As if that were not enough, father falls ill and only the “water of life” could prevent a fatal outcome that would leave both orphans. So it’s up to these guys going on a trip outside the borders of their comfort zone, which will take us through beautiful rural and natural settings, to meet colorful characters and some dangers. The main feature of Brothers is in your control. Games with two playable characters there are many, but usually a system of “zapping” is used to pass from one to another, alternating. Here Starbreeze has chosen to allow simultaneously to handle big brother and a smaller pad division: left stick and triggers for one, right lever and the other triggers other. Admittedly, this development used to take a bit of time, especially when advance through winding roads, but talk of a puzzle game where you rarely have time or pressure demand skill. Perhaps most uncomfortable is rotating camera. However the type of puzzles not in itself justify that, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a game so beloved even today. The charm is in its world and interactions with him. Each brother has his own personality and character to talk to the side, some more friendly than others. The other is more serious and responsible, while the youngest is a thug with creative touch.

The type of test exploits the existence of the couple with simple challenges that require collaboration. Sometimes to open the gate younger brother must sneak behind bars, or to avoid a dog to attract their gaze from behind. The bigger brother is of course stronger. The couple also has weaknesses that need to know the context complement; if the child can not swim, his brother must carry him to pass a river. The good news is that there are just indications of each test and naturally deduce how to leverage control two characters simultaneously, whether by intuition or testing ideas.

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